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6-8 Sports works to accelerate growth and exposure in water polo through our revolutionary development system that unites standardized metrics, live-game tracking & advanced data analytics

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The collaboration between Maggie, Tony and our ODP staff has been and will be incredibly valuable in the development of our athletes in the pipeline. Anytime that you can bring objective measurements into athlete development it’s a win, and to have two of the best players to ever play the game be involved is an even greater win. They represent the best of the USA and the athletes in ODP are trying to reach that level, so it’s an organic collaboration.

JA John Abdou Head of Olympic Development, USA Water Polo

I love the 6-8 Challenge! Finally a way to measure water polo skills at all levels. I think this could be used from 10u all the way to Olympic athletes. Tony and Maggie have brilliant minds for the game of water polo and I can’t wait to start using the Challenge as a skill measurement for my teams!

MO Maureen O’toole Purcell Water Polo Olympian, Silver Medalist & Club Coach

“6-8 Sports is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way that we think about water polo. For the oldest team sport in the Olympics, we have been notoriously slow as a sport at adapting to change. 6-8 has incorporated data and analytics into the sport to help every athlete achieve their potential, while allowing administrators and coaches to this data to make informed decisions. The game has changed and we can’t wait to help Australians earn their number”

SN Scott Nicholson Founder of Beach Water Polo Fours, Australia

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