6-8 Challenge

Test. Assess. Repeat.

The 6-8 Challenge is a series of 7 water polo specific drills designed to properly teach, evaluate and improve the most crucial fundamentals of the sport.

How It Works

  • Pass through the 6-8 Challenge with your team or at one of our clinics
  • View your results and local/global rankings on the 6-8 Sports mobile app
  • Follow our 3-level video training program to improve each specific skill
  • Track your results and improvement over time

Measure Your Strength

Skill Assessments

The 6-8 Challenge is made up of 7 drills that each measures a fundamental water polo skill. The Challenge was personally developed by Tony & Maggie and is meant to be used as a personal performance evaluation tool.

The Challenge is available to any and all athletes around the world who would like to participate!

12 Meter Sprint
Medicine Ball Holder
Vertical Jump
Obstacle Course
Radar Gun
Two Buoy
Four Corners
Eight Touch
25 Meter Breast Sprint

6-8 Challenge: Videos and Setup

Will you be participating in the 6-8 Challenge soon or running a challenge for local athletes? Learn about each of the drills in detail and watch videos about how to setup and perform each of the drills.

Running the Challenge

Learn what you need to run the Challenge at an upcoming program at your clinic.

 6-8 Challenge Kit

Interested in running your own 6-8 Challenge? Purchase the 6-8 Challenge Kit.

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