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6-8 Mobile App

The 6-8 Mobile App is our main tool for athletes and parents. The app allows you to:

  • Track & store your game stats and analytics over time (either when you are scored by the 6-8 game desk or just score yourself directly in the mobile app!)
  • Access your 6-8 Challenge results & rankings (from events like ODP, NTSC and 6-8 Camps & Clinics)
  • Collect all of your data in one place to build your college recruiting resume
  • Access hundreds of high-level training videos created by Tony, Maggie and other Olympians 

The 6-8 app is free to download & join. Only subscribe to access your game stats or Challenge results. Subscription is $3.99/mo- less than a cup of coffee!

6-8 Scores

6-8 Scores is a public output page that displays all game scores & analytics from matches scored with the 6-8 game desk

For athletes and parents, 6-8 Scores is an ideal place to follow along live-time for game results, leaderboards and play-by-plays. Also very popular with family (grandparents!) and fans. Creates marketing and exposure for all athletes. 

6-8 Challenge

The 6-8 Challenge is water polo’s first standardized testing combine, consisting of 7 water polo specific drills designed to properly teach, evaluate and improve the most crucial fundamentals of the sport.

Results and rankings give athletes (and parents) specific guidelines as to how they compare skill-wise to other athletes in their age range/ gender around the world and what they need to improve. 

The Challenge is run at most Azevedo & 6-8 Camps. It is also the official standardized testing system for USAWP, so you will see it utilized at ODP, NTSC and other USAWP events.

6-8 Programs

6-8 runs two main programs

6-8 Training Academy

The first high-performance training Academy for water polo in the United States. Semester-based, full time and immersive program for athletes serious about playing in college or rapidly improving their skills. State of the art gym/ conditioning, high-level water polo, mental/tactical work, virtual reality, nutrition guidance, college recruiting consultation, and more. 

Accepts high school athletes, gap year students and has a new component for rising 7th/ 8th/ 9th graders.

6-8 College Series

40+ athletes have been recruited to D1, D2 and D3 schools over the last year as a result of this program. 

The 6-8 Series is the new way college coaches are finding potential recruits. Made up of high-level weekend competition events around the US (and abroad). Athletes are broken into equal competitive teams (based on testing results) and play in an intensive tournament that is live streamed to all US based college coaches.

Virtual Reality

6-8 has partnered with REPS to create water polo’s first virtual reality training program. Customized packages have been developed by Tony, Maggie and numerous other Olympians including gold medalist Amanda Longan and Pete Cutino winner Nic Saveljic. 

The REPS platform enables athletes to accumulate 1000s of extra repetitions in a dynamic, deep-learning environment where they can practice, perfect, and create real muscle memory. 

Give yourself a serious edge over the competition!

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