Challenge Analytics

Score, track & analyze your game statistics, evaluate your fundamental skill levels and improve your overall game performance.

Color Coded Scores

Below Average for Your Age and Gender

Average for Your Age and Gender

Above Average for Your Age and Gender

Why Does Your Score Matter?

Each challenge measures a specific fundamental water polo skill. We created the score ranges through detailed analysis of the 6-8 Challenge over time as well as insight from top athletes and coaches around the world. The color coded system allows you to easily recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and provides an opportunity to improve on each, no matter the color.


View your local ranking within your specific age & gender group along with the Top 5 athletes.

Your local ranking is out of ALL athletes in your age group that have passed through the Challenge.

To date, approximately 3,000 athletes in each age group.

View your global ranking amongst all athletes that have gone through the Challenge globally along with the Top 5 athletes.

To date, approximately 13,000 athletes have passed through the Challenge around the world.

Analyze your Challenge results over time and see your changes in ranking.

Note: “Unofficial” means an athlete has not yet marked themselves as official in the app. But their scores and rankings still appear.

Why do rankings matter?

The 6-8 ranking system is designed to give athletes an idea of where they stand skill-wise compared to their peers around the globe. Rankings are meant to foster positive competition and allow for a clear and fun way to track improvement over time.

Skills Improvement Series

 Crawl: 3 Videos

Walk: 3 Videos

Run/ Sprint: 3 Videos

What is the 6-8 Challenge Video Training?

Clicking on “Improve this Skill” will take you to a 3-level video training program on the app. Each level contains 3 videos that help you improve that specific skill. Completing each level will win you loyalty reward points.

Loyalty Points

Every time you complete one of the video training improvement programs related to the 6-8 Challenge, you earn 6-8 Loyalty Points. Use your loyalty points to unlock any of our really cool special gifts.

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