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6-8 Game Desk

Water polo’s premier platform for collecting, storing and analyzing team and individual game stats. Evaluate your team’s fundamental skill levels and improve your overall game performance.

Works with or without wifi. Ditch pen and paper and start building an electronic footprint for your club. 

Monthly or yearly plans available. Simple, affordable and effective.

6-8 Mobile App

(for your athletes)

The 6-8 Mobile App is built for athletes and parents as a complement to the 6-8 game desk. 

When you (or your club) use the game desk to score matches, you can tag your athletes on the game desk rosters. Their individual scores, analytics and +/- performance indicators will automatically export to their mobile app profiles after each game.


Better communicate with your athletes & parents regarding performance, team selections & development 

Your athletes can collect their data in one place to build college recruiting resumes

6-8 Challenge

The 6-8 Challenge is water polo’s first standardized testing combine, consisting of 7 water polo specific drills designed to properly teach, evaluate and improve the most crucial fundamentals of the sport.

Results and rankings give you and your athletes (and parents) specific guidelines as to how they compare skill-wise to other athletes in their age range/ gender around the world and what they need to improve.

The Challenge is now  the official standardized testing system for USAWP. Coaches around the world are using the Challenge as a way to consistently test their athletes and monitor development. The Challenge can be modified by each coach/ club to best fit your needs.

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