The 6-8 Series

Do you want the opportunity to showcase your individual talents to top US college coaches around the country?

6-8 Sports is focused on your individual development. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams, regardless of where you are from or what club/team you play for. We believe that the best way for you to grow is to have access to tough competition and to learn from a variety of other high- level athletes.

“Think of the 6-8 Series as water polo’s professional league for youth athletes”

— Tony Azevedo, 5x Olympian & Silver Medalist

Open to any and all athletes!

College coaches that have attended our college series.


Air Force Academy
Biola University
Brown University
Bucknell University
Cal Berkeley
Cal Lutheran University
California Baptist University
George Washington University
Harvard University
McKendree University
Occidental College
Penn State Behrend
Pepperdine University
Princeton University
Spanish Professional League
Stanford University
University of California, Davis
University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA
University of Southern California, USC


Arizona State University
Biola University
Brown University
Bucknell University
Cal Lutheran University
California Baptist University
California State University Monterey Bay
California State University Northridge
Fresno State
Indiana University
Long Beach State
Loyola Marymount University
McKendree University
Occidental College
Penn State Behrend
Princeton University
Saint Francis University
San Jose State University
UC Davis
UC Merced
University of California, Davis
University of Michigan
Utah University

It was a job exceptionally done by all the organizers. We as spectators were in awe at the quality of the water polo executed in the tournament; admired how respectful the players were with the referees and amazed at their sheer talent.

Mo Mom of Miguel 2021 6-8 Series Participant

Thank you very much for yet another super tournament. They are always so professionally run, and it’s always interesting to play on new teams with new athletes and figure out how to gel.

GW Gavin West 2021 6-8 Series Participant

The Showcase features a lot of athletes from outside California and us being on the east coast it’s really beneficial to see both high level athletes that are from in and out of California

C Coach Bucknell University

I think it’s so great to have all of the athletes not really know each other. It kind of replicates what it’s like as a freshman coming into a collegiate team. So it’s great to see how they react to new teammates , how they communicate with each other and how fast they can figure everyone out in the best positive way.

C Coach Brown University

From the athletes point of view it’s getting to play with different people, being forced out of their comfort zone. Because typically they’re so used to playing with the same people in high school and club and then for us as coaches to see their ability to communist with new teammates, watching them step out of their traditional role I think is by far the most beneficial part of 6-8 collegiate showcases.

C Coach George Washington University
How it Works

The 6-8 Series Program

The 6-8 Series is a program made up of weekend events/ scrimmages in different locations across the US and the globe. Open to any and all athletes.

On the first day of each program, you pass through the 6-8 Challenge skill assessment. We create the teams based on these results and your position (an objective method that creates equal and competitive teams). 

We score the scrimmages with our 6-8 Game Desk and crunch your stats with our 6-8 algorithm to create a unique +/- Performance Indicator for each athlete (reflects your overall game performance).

Together, your 6-8 Challenge results and +/- Performance Indicator provide an objective and data-based snapshot of who you are as an athlete. You have the power to improve your individual skills and performance over time.

Before each event, we collect your basic personal information to share with college coaches. After you pass through the Challenge, you will be assigned a cap color/ # and team and these details are also shared.

Scrimmages are live streamed to college coaches and you can purchase your scrimmage footage afterwards to use for your own recruiting purposes.

Following each showcase, we post the Top 10 athletes per position. After all of the events have concluded, the 6-8 team notifies the top rated athletes from each camp and encourages them to participate in FINAL Showcase in California

6-8 Series Locations

September 2024
Vancouver Canada (Sept 27 -29)

November 2024
Texas (Locations & Dates TBA)

January 2025
Auckland, New Zealand (Dates TBA)

March 2025
Salt Lake City, UT (Dates TBA)

Final Showcase
Long Beach, CA
(June 7 -9, 2024)

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