Frequently Asked Questions

How many User Accounts should one family have?

If you are a family using the App, we recommend that you create one login (User Account) for the whole family to use. You can think of it like Netflix– everyone uses the same email and password to login (on multiple devices) and within that family account each person can have their own profile (Athlete Profile when using the 6-8 App). If you decide to subscribe to access the additional videos (only $1.99) all family members can share the subscription. All family members can also score games for each other and build loyalty points together to put towards one of our cool new rewards.

What is an Athlete Profile and how is it different from an Account Profile?

An Athlete Profile is a sub-account created within a User Account that is specific to a certain athlete. Each User Account can have multiple Athlete Profiles within one account. Example: Bobby Smith creates a User Account. He can then create Athlete Profiles within his User Account for his two kids, Sara & Tony. Bobby is the owner of the User Account and Sara & Tony are Athlete Profiles within Bobby’s Account Profile. We recommend that each family only have ONE account. The family can share the email/password and each login (on multiple devices). This allows the family to share a subscription if they choose to subscribe to the videos (only $1.99/mo), to build loyalty/reward points together and to be able to score games for each other.

How can I find my 6-8 ID number?

The 6-8 ID number is the unique number associated with an Athlete Profile on the 6-8 app. To find this number, click on “Athlete Profiles” within your 6-8 app account and then on the name of the Athlete. The 6-8 ID is the number that appears under their name. If you need a 6-8 ID number but don’t yet have the app, please download the 6-8 Sports App from the iTunes (Apple) store. Once you have the app, you first need to create a User Account. Once you do that you can create an Athlete Profile for yourself (or others) within that user account.

Official vs. Unofficial Athletes

The 6-8 app now offers athletes the option to mark themselves as “official”. Once you mark yourself as official you will:

  • Appear in the 6-8 Challenge rankings and Top 5
  • Be able to be added to rosters for game scoring on the 6-8 Game Desk
  • Be able to get all of your game results exported to your profile when you are scored by the Game Desk

To mark yourself as official, please follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you are using the most updated version of the 6-8 App (check the app store)
  2. Click on “Athlete Profiles” and then click on a specific name
  3. Click on the little “Edit” button in the upper right hand corner
  4. Click on “Profile Type” and choose “Official”
  5. Click “Save” in the upper right hand corner

Please note that ALL fields in the Athlete Profile are mandatory and must be filled out. If any information is missing, the system will not allow you to save your profile.

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