Game Desk

Play. Score. Analyze.

Score, track & analyze your game statistics, evaluate your fundamental skill levels and improve your overall game performance.

How It Works

  1. Download the 6-8 Game Desk from any iPad app store
  2. Register for an account (if you have an existing 6-8 mobile app account, use the same login credentials)
  3. Create team profiles (rosters) – you can select existing 6-8 athletes using their 6-8 IDs (allowing for individual result export)
  4. Score games for one or both teams
  5. Collect & analyze detailed game data over time
  6. Track your team’s progression or “scout” opposing teams (coming soon)

Game Desk Features

For coaches, our 6-8 Game Desk replaces pen and paper and allows for easy collection of team game statistics and detailed analytics

  • Create team rosters (create athletes, search existing athletes, generate quick rosters)
  • Tag existing 6-8 athletes in games
  • Mark rosters ‘official’ so other users can use your rosters in games
  • Ability to add additional periods and shootouts
  • Share games to public 6-8 website for live stats and play -by- play display during games
  • Record all game actions- sprint winner/loser, missed shot, goal, assist, steal, block, earned exclusion, exclusion, penalty, earned penalty, turnover, offensive, timeout, red card, yellow card
  • Add details such as time, type of action, and notes to actions that require them
  • Ability to review, edit, and delete actions
  • Viewable box score page and actions as they occur
  • Create new games
  • Game review and referee signatures upon game submission
  • In -depth analysis of games, overall team and individual player stats save to iPad after each game
  • Ability to share game actions by email after game
  • Individual athlete’s stats export to mobile app after game (if they were tagged in game)

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