Game Desk Analytics

Athletes who are subscribed to the 6-8 mobile app and scored by the 6-8 Game Desk get their game stats and analytics exported to their mobile app profiles.

  • 1. Individual Game Stats

    Go to “My Games” on the 6-8 app. Each individual game is listed (Game Desk indicates official game scored by 6-8 Game Desk). Click on a game to see your statistics summary.

  • 2. Cumulative Game Stats

    Choose an athlete from the “Athlete Profiles” section, then go to “Athlete Stats.” to examine your cumulative overall game stats.

  • 3. Personal analytics

    To examine your shooting percentage and +/- Performance Indicator, go to “Analytics” (More info below about the +/- Performance Indicator)

What is the +/- Performance Indicator?

The 6-8 Performance Indicator was designed by Tony & Maggie as a way to evaluate athlete performance through game statistics. The PI is a weighted formula of stats that calculates the impact a player has on a game.

Tony & Maggie started out by speaking with a group of top US college coaches to get a better understanding of what they look for in a potential recruit. They combined that information with their extensive knowledge of the game (and personal playing experience) to create a weighted formula that gives a certain amount of importance to each game stat (shots, goals, earned ejections etc.).

Your PI is a useful tool to see how you impact a game based on all your collected game statistics. For example, some athletes may have thought they had a ‘great’ game because they scored a lot of goals – but they may have also negatively impacted the game in a variety of ways. Or vice versa.

Performance Indicator Ranges

Scored by Game Desk using all available stats


< 2 = mediocre game performance
Between 2- 4 = solid game performance
> 4 = excellent game performance


< 6 = mediocre game performance
Between 6- 8 = solid game performance
> 8 = excellent game performance


< 4 = mediocre game performance
Between 4- 6 = solid game performance
> 6 = excellent game performance


< 1 = mediocre game performance
Between 1- 2 = solid game performance
> 2 = excellent game performance


< 2 = mediocre game performance
Between 2- 4 = solid game performance
> 4 = excellent game performance


< 1 = mediocre game performance
Between 1- 3 solid = game performance
> 3 = excellent game performance


Between 0 – 1 = solid game performance
> 1 = excellent game performance

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