Earn. Your. Number.

Running the 6-8 Challenge at a Clinic

Before the Clinic

1. If your club/ team is handling registration, please collect the following information from each athlete:

  • 6-8 Athlete ID
  • First & Last Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Gender
  • Email/s (associated with the athlete’s 6-8 app account)

HERE are instructions to send out to parents/ athletes for the 6-8 ID.

2. Create a master google sheet that you share with your program administrator, coaches, and our 6-8 data analyst – see an example HERE. Enter all of the athlete information (listed under #1) into this sheet

3. Print out physical paper data collection sheets to have on deck (for coaches or volunteers to manually record the Challenge results at each station)


One volunteer at each 6-8 Challenge station has one of the printed sheets (along with a pen and clipboard) and manually records the scores from that station

The second volunteer at each station is physically running the drill and dictating the score to the recorder

Recorded time of athlete to the hundredth decimal place for all** stations

**ONLY the Medicine Ball station is taken in whole seconds. For example, if an athlete correctly holds the medicine ball for a minute and twenty five seconds, the station operator will write 85 seconds instead of 1:25

Equipment Needed

The 6-8 Kit includes all necessary equipment except the below (which coach/club should provide):

  • 10 lb medicine ball or weight
  • One radar gun (recommended: a plastic bag to put over as a water protectant)
  • 3 weights (over 5 kg/10 lbs) to attach on bottom of station ball buoys (2 for Obstacle Course, 1 for 2 Buoy) – another option is diving blocks
  • 8 clipboards and pens/ pencils for the volunteers collecting data
  • 8 printed sheets for on-deck data collection (see #3 under “How if Works” above)
  • 8 stopwatches

After the Clinic/Event

After all data has been manually recorded by volunteers on the 6-8 data sheets:

  • Data enterer collects all copies of the 6-8 data sheets for both field players & goalies
  • Begin data entry process in the “Master Google Sheet” (maybe this can be a hyperlink text)
  • NOTE: ensure all data has been double checked and the column names/order of stations is not altered in any way.

After data entry is completed in the Master Google Sheet

  • Data enterer must check that all data entries are accurate to the physical 6-8 data sheets
  • 6-8 will import the “Master Google Sheet” data into our official collective database
  • Athletes with a 6-8 ID AND are marked as “official” within the 6-8 app – will have viewing access on the 6-8 app to their color coded 6-8 Challenge results and rankings.

6-8 Athlete Report ( Coach’s Request Only)

The 6-8 Athlete Report is a comprehensive analysis of all athletes’ 6-8 Challenge results (from a club or team). The report includes ‘Notes & Observations’ from Tony or Maggie which are designed to help coaches analyze their overall athlete results and create more specific and effective training routines based off of the data. 

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