About 6-8 Sports

Our mission at 6-8 Sports is to accelerate growth & exposure in developing sports through our revolutionary development system that unites standardized metrics, live-game tracking & advanced data analytics.

Athletes & Parents

Perfect for athletes & parents, our 6-8 mobile app collects and displays key data obtained via our 6-8 Challenge and novel game scoring platform. Our video training program and clinics leverage this data to help players maximize their game in a systematic fashion.

Coaches, Teams & Leagues

Our 6-8 Game Desk replaces pen and paper and allows for easy collection of team game statistics and detailed analytics. Coaches can use the game desk together with the 6-8 Challenge to track performance & progress and create more effective training and development strategies.


#6 Maggie Steffens

3-time Olympian; 2-time Gold medalist; 3-time NCAA Champion. Named the best female water polo player in the world by FINA. Played professionally in Hungary & Spain. Current Team USA Olympics Captain. Stanford MS & BS.


#8 Tony Azevedo

5-time Olympian. Silver medalist. 4-time MVP NCAA/Pete Cutino & Stanford Grad. International superstar. Regarded by many as the best water polo player of all time. Former Team USA Captain and key member of professional squads in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro & Brazil. 

Our Mission and Story

The 6-8 Sports Story

Today, Maggie and Tony have earned #6 and #8 to the point where they are regarded as the top female/male water polo players of their generation. They both love water polo and care deeply about the future of the Sport. In fact, they believe water polo can become one of the next great global sports: at the college, Olympic, and professional league level.

That’s why they’ve created 6-8: a data-driven approach to evaluating athlete strengths & weaknesses as they develop over time. Data is captured from multiple sources including official combine (6-8 Challenge) assessments and individual/ team game statistics tracking.

The 6-8 System is the first of its kind to unite objective data, consistent testing and innovative tech to provide a comprehensive and nuanced overall snapshot of athlete & team performance over time.

For athletes, the mobile App’s Video Training Program features many of the exact drills and training techniques that helped make Maggie and Tony the champions they are today. The App also collects and displays key game scoring metrics and results from the 6-8 Challenge. Taken together, this data allows athletes to best understand their specific strengths and weaknesses. It also helps them visualize where they stand in comparison to their peers. A low score on any 6-8 metric is not a problem. It’s an opportunity for improvement.

For teams, clubs & federations, the 6-8 Game Desk App is a multi-athlete scoring platform that allows for streamlined electronic game data collection & athlete profile validation. Using the Game Desk together with the 6-8 Challenge allows coaches, teams & federations to track performance & progress and create more effective training and development strategies.

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